Story by Rebecca Metcalf

As a school teacher, Mehar Ahmad is no stranger to the disruptions brought about by the coronavirus. As her daily teaching has been disrupted, so too has her ability to practise her religion as normal.

“This is the month of Ramadan where Muslims all around the world fast for 29 or 30 days depending upon the moon,” Mehar said.

“In previous years, we attended many Iftar dinners that brought on a beautiful sense of community, where we enjoyed a variety of multicultural food, sharing meals together, meeting people, making new friends and listening to keynote speakers.”

With COVID-19 disrupting this sense of community, Mehar has joined “Recipes for Ramadan”.

“Even though I can’t host people at my place, I hope by sharing my story and recipes we’ll somehow still be connected over the love of food,” she said

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