Amina’s Haemultang (Fish Stew)
Amina’s Haemultang (Fish Stew)
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Recipe origin
South Korea
Story by
Amina El Shafei
Cooking time
20 minutes
Media interest in
Sharing Food and Stories

When COVID-19 lockdowns made face-to-face hospitality impossible,
Recipes for Ramadan extended the invitation to join Australian-Muslims
of diverse geographic, racial and cultural backgrounds
to eat together and share histories, traditions and beliefs.

Community media partner, the award-winning Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST) opened the door to hosts, cooks and guests to get to know each other
with news stories, features, recipes and videos in Friday newsletters,
monthly newspapers and its annual Ramadan calendar.
SBS ran on-air and on-line stories, a voicemail-video ‘memo’ for The Feed and World News becoming a Ramadan program interstitial.
The Daily Telegraph delivered the invitation across New South Wales.
ABC Radio Weekends hosted a conversation with contributors on Eid Sunday.

To taste, see menu below!

Specially-produced videos can also be found in Recipes&Stories and
on our YouTube channel: join contributors at home and/or cook with
Sydney’s top Muslim foodie influencers.

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